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LIBPRS500... am I doing something wrong?

So I now have all my ebooks in libprs500. I uninstalled and updated the new version last night. So far so good. I have the books there but most are in pdf format, so in order to update the metadata, I am trying to view them to get the authors names, etc. So I click on the convert button, use the defaults (cause they seemed right) and conversion runs fine. I click on View to see how it looks and I discover that there is what looks almost like a license code string every other page or so, that is designating a page break. Its not even where page breaks would normally occur... sometimes its at the 3rd sentence of a page in the middle of a sentence and then there is that license code string and the sentence resumes on the next page. The license number appears to be the same each time. It is happening to all the books I convert, not just one.

So... have I done something wrong in the process? selected a wrong option? I searched here to find others having this issue hoping there was an obvious fix, but I haven't seen a thread like this before.

Kovid or anyone else with some expertise... any thoughts?
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