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Cheap ereader to use as picture frame

Hi everybody,

I haveen looking for a solution to an idea i had some time ago. I like photography a lot, and i've always liked those digital picture frames, the only problem, is that they are SO bright and get very hot. Also, the picture quality is not very good.

So, i had the idea of using a cheap ebook reader as a picture frame. Of course, being an eink display, it would only be in black and white, but i like that, it gives the pictures a nice touch. Now, my problem is that i haven been able to find a cheap ebook reader for this. My idea would be under $100 ,because i have to pay for the shipping to chile, and more than that would make it very expensive for a picture frame.

I've been looking in ebay, but everything is expensive. Anyone knows about those cheap chinese eink readers around, that can support a picture slideshow presentation? i have a sony prs505 that can do that.

I also foun on the net a guy who had so many problems with his prs505 that he turned it into a digital picture frame and it looks very good.
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