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Originally Posted by corpcd View Post
To translate Duokan to another language, is it enough to translate the file
"DK_System\DK_Update\k3\DK_System\system\skin\Menu Item_yw.dat" ?

Instead of replacing the file, can I create multiple files "MenuItem_fr.dat", "MenuItem_de.dat", "MenuItem_sp.dat", "MenuItem_po.dat", "MenuItem_it.dat" in order to have a multilanguage OS?

Another question: has anyone tried non-english TTS voices?

This is the first time I heard about Duokan, but it looks great...

Firstly tell you Duokan is very young yet and need several changes for non Chinese users. Latin languages like french, spanish, german... have problems to represent accent words or special letters (ā, á, ņ, etc). But to see comics or pdf itīs a great OS.

Listening non English or Chinese audios with TTS itīs awful!!!

But I like Duokan
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