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Not really a comparison is it? Hanlin already makes and sells the V3 opposed to your example of a company having a prototype and making a decision based on a guaranteed order.
But to be honest.. I don't know what all the fuss is about on trying to get a V3 in Europe.. I ordered and got mine directly from the Jinke site within a week for 300 dollar and I do live in Europe.. With the low dollar price I would say just go for it. The only pain is that you have to wire the money using international transfer and they don't accept credit cards or paypal.. Other then that it was an easy transaction.

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This sounds familiar.

There was a German office supplies dealer in Palm oriented forums a while back, trying to drum up interest. HandEra was still in business as a device maker, with the TRG-Pro and HandEra 330. He wanted a color 330, because he felt he could sell a lot of them, and HandEra had reportedly made a prototype. HandEra wanted a firm order for 10,000 before they would make them. They were a small company who survived competing against Palm and Sony in the PDA market through rigorous cost controls, and weren't about to do a production run "on spec". If it didn't sell, it would sink them.

(HandEra is still around, but no longer manufactures devices. They are now engineering consultants for embedded hardware.)

And the NAEB folks had to come up with a minimum number of guaranteed orders (I don't reall how many) before they could do a deal with Bookeen for a customized Cybook.

Your experience with Jinke is not a surprise.
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