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Mark, I did all that; I wonder if my results are what you intended. If you don't mind too much......

Here are my "Notes to self" and a picture to show the final result which is not what I had expected; looks like it will take a lot of cleanup like my previous method. Did I do what you intended?

To print a list of all your books:

Install Calibre from http:

Plug the Kindle into the computer

Start | All Programs | Calibre | Calibre - E-book Management

First you need to "bring your books into Calibre" so click the "Add books" button

This opens the "Select books" dialog box.

Browse to the Kindle's "documents" folder and click any one of the books listed, then Ctrl-A to select ALL
the books.

Leave "File name:" blank; click "Open" and watch the books being added.

You will note that there are many duplications

Select the "Convert Books" menu and there, select ""create a catalog of the books in your calibre library."

In the "CSV/XML Options" tab, click on the fields you want in your list, click "Apply" and "OK" note that
when you get there, all are selected in blue; click the fields you do NOT want to turn those white.

In the "Catalog options" tab, choose XML for the format and click Apply and OK

At the bottom-left corner of Calibre you will see that it is generating the new catalog.

This opens the "Select destination for My Books.xml" dialog box; at the top change it to save the new catalog
on the desktop; you can leave "Folder" blank; click "Select Folder" and "My Books.xml" appears on the desktop.

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