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Originally Posted by bill_mchale View Post
Actually is there anything in the pay version of Alkido that is not in the free version? I use the free version from time to time and it seems pretty full featured to me. I think the pay version might be there for people who want to support the people who make the software. Though maybe they will get some money from feedbooks now that feedbooks is selling books as well as giving them away?

Your correct in that there's no difference between the premium and free versions and it's just to support the developers. The only thing I think you may get if you pay for the premium version is early upgrades if I'm remembering right.

FBReader is pretty nice but there is one thing I've noticed that I really haven't looked into is that it doesn't support italics. I haven't looked into the html for the affected epubs so I'm not sure if it's just those books using some italics code that's not the norm (if there is one) and could be fixed with just running them through Calibre's conversion process.
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