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Thanks for your quick reply, the ducks, but I'm not sure that's what I was looking for...

I realize that Sigil does not convert anything. But it does open up html files, which can be edited and saved as epub. That's how I've been doing it so far. It allows me to use the same method, more or less, if I write something on OOo, if I dload something to read from a web site, or if I convert a pdf to carry with me on my reader.

Is there something wrong with that, or is there a better way?

I also knew that Sigil has a metadata editor, but that data includes basic tags like author, publication date, etc. (and the option to add many more). None of it seems to address the issue of the encoding that affects special characters, which you guys were talking about earlier, and which I have to deal with often... Or did you mean the language option I see there?

My main goal is to streamline the whole process. If I spend two hours editing what takes me two hours to read, I'm not being efficient with my time, and the special characters issue can be an obstacle at times.
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