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Hi all. I'm just a newbie here, so it's all a bit over my head , but this conversation is very interesting.

I'd like some more info, so I can follow up on what you guys are saying, maybe start reducing all the "gobbledy-gook" I, like ficbot, really HATE to deal with every time I transfer devices/applications.

How do I see/edit "XML declarations" and "meta tags" for html files? Is there a template/help section that might tell me what normal encoding looks like?

And, if I can take a step back, what about getting files into html format in the first place? I know that OpenOffice saves as html, but what about converting other files types, espcially pdf? Adobe Acrobat XPro will save pdf as html but then, of course, you have all that manual editing and coding to do afterwards. Any better ideas?

Thanks very much for sharing your time and experience, everyone!
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