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Originally Posted by Starson17 View Post
I'll assume you have downloaded the source correctly. Run Calibre. It doesn't matter how you start it. Does the version number on the lower left of the GUI have an asterisk after it? It should be "0.7.47*" not "0.7.47." If it does have the asterisk, then you are running from source. If it doesn't, and I suspect it doesn't, then your "CALIBRE_DEVELOP_FROM" variable isn't pointing correctly.

Make sure the variable is correct (in Windows, just type "SET" at a command prompt to check.) It should point to the src folder that has a cherrypy folder inside it. Get that part working first.

No, it does not. It's the calibre package from the Ubuntu distro (0.7.18)
But the folder and variable looks OK

vmplanet@kubuntu:~/calibre/src$ pwd
vmplanet@kubuntu:~/calibre/src$ ls
calibre  cherrypy  odf  pyPdf  routes  templite

vmplanet@kubuntu:~/calibre/src$ echo $CALIBRE_DEVELOP_FROM 
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