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Development documentation question (basic)

I've been trying to follow the instructions at:

But I cannot get the "Hello world!" sample to print out after running calibredb.
It just shows calibredb help message.

I've tried both in Linux and Windows, installed the calibre binary, download the source code with bzr, set the "CALIBRE_DEVELOP_FROM" variable to point to the "src" directory and modify the "src/calibre/" with the print statement.

vmplanet@kubuntu:~/calibre/src/calibre$ echo $CALIBRE_DEVELOP_FROM 
vmplanet@kubuntu:~/calibre/src/calibre$ calibredb
Uso: calibredb orden [opciones] [argumentos]

calibredb es la interfaz de línea de órdenes para la base de datos de libros de calibre.

orden es una de:

vmplanet@kubuntu-vm:~/calibre/src/calibre$ grep -n Hello 
24:print 'Hello world!'
Instructions look quite easy but I can't reproduce
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