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Bookeen support won't even reply

I first saw the Cybook last fall and was pretty excited about the device.
When I ordered beginning of December I knew shipping would take a while but they managed to get the device out before Christmas with the cover and the spare battery missing. I though this was a pretty nice idea to deliver the device as quickly as possible and send the missing extras later because that way I could start playing around with the book on my holiday.

Second week of January, though, we started to ask Bookeen if there was a rough date by which we could expect the remaining items to be sent. After a week without response we inquired again but no response whatsoever. Next we told them that if there was not even an expected date available when shipping could happen that they refund the 100 Euro for the Deluxe pack and let us know when covers and batteries would be available again so that we could repurchase then. Neither this nor any of the following mails was graced with any reply whatsoever.

It's pretty sad that a company which offers an innovative product - which btw I like a lot - lacks so much in customer relations that even though I would normally recommend the device to everyone I have to warn people instead that they might be in for a long fight if they purchase from Bookeen.
What I don't understand is why a simple e-mail response in more than 2 weeks is really too much to ask. If they tell me that they will deliver by end of February I will definitely not be happy but I would rather wait than try to quarrel with them over a few days. But no response means I will have to write again and again and as I am not too happy about spending my time writing complaints which aren't even read I'll rather use that time to get legal advice and take according steps to get my money back.

Does anyone else have similar problems getting any answer back from Bookeen? So far I have been very friendly because I know that they have been swamped with orders (I even had our mails translated to French to make it easier for them to read and respond) but not getting at least a "Please give us a couple of days more, your case is already being investigated" reply in weeks is something I cannot tolerate. I sure hope they start improving soon because I was already thinking to buy another Cybook for my wife...

P.S.: Anyone heard anything about a firmware upgrade?
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