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readingaloud: I agree with you in a way about how to read Saramago; you hit something profound when you point out that an important part of his prose style is sort of the broad rhythm of the sentences and images and the way to read him is to zone out a bit on that rhythm. That's why I read him in Spanish too, because I think (correctly? anyone?) that it gets me a good deal closer to the original Portuguese than an English translation.

But no, I don't actually agree about the immersiveness of the Ebook reading experience. The page flip delays (on my Iliad) really get to me, especially in the way that they keep you from being able to randomly sample your way to part of a book. That's a problem even in reading a PDF on a computer, despite the almost instant page renders...there's no way to just sort of reach inside the book the way you do in a printed copy.*

The only thing I do appreciate (other than having hundreds of books in the iliad) is the one-handed operation, impossible with most printbooks.

*why is it that a PDF on a computer screen isn't as pleasant? I think it's got something to do with the artificial nature of the mouse/keyboard UI: maybe with something like an iphone interface it would feel more natural. Can the iphone read pdfs?
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