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Originally Posted by tobias2 View Post
About the dashes, I would encourage you to try the new recipe version and compare it to your direct ePub version. I would be interested to know if you agree that the typography is improved.

to be honest, it doesn't matter to me whether the change improves the typography or not.

My point is that Die Zeit doesn't provide an archive of its epub issues, so after one week the current issue is gone forever from their servers.

So I have to rely on calibre to collect an archive of all issues for me. As I can't never be sure that the modifications or improvements made by calibre won't break the content in the future, the only safe solution is to download and store the epub exactly as is and do any desired modification by converting the original to another format or copy (and keeping the original file).

I created a patch for calibre together with a matching recipe which allows me to do just that, to download the unmodified epub with calibre.

Unfortunatly David refused to incorporate the patch, even though that feature was on his to-do list.

So in the end it doesn't matter what the Zeit recipe delivered with calibre does or doesn't do, as I won't use it.

But I'm still convinced that optimizations necessary for a different target format (mobipocket) should be done during the conversion to that format and not in the download recipe which creates a completely different format (epub).

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