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Kobo syncing issue - library books


i've just joined this forum and am hoping someone can help me out - i've browsed through some similar threads and can't find an answer to my question, sorry if its been asked already.

i have a fairly new kobo (v1.8) and have been successfully downloading library books and putting them on my kobo using adobe digital editions.

the last few books haven't been syncing - they show up in adobe, and i'm able to move them to the kobo from within ADE. also, they appear when i access the kobo hard drive directly.

after playing around with a few books, i finally saw one appear in my kobo, but get a 'content locked' message when i try to read it (use your adobe id to authorize ereader with the kobo desktop application). the other is still missing.

every time i open ADE, i get the following error message about a library book i've returned.
IO Error on local file open


Event Detail:
Error #2038

any suggestions? my kobo and i are just getting to know each other, and i really want this relationship to work!
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