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Well, I did take apart the back and pressed the reset button that is right above the power success there either. That was basically like holding the power switch for that 30-45 seconds.

I think I've pretty much tried everything at this point. Right now the only thing I could do is the factor reset via pressing the "Home" key before the Welcome/loading screen pops up, which I didn't find out until late last night after I had spoke with customer support and a replacement kindle on the way. It should get here tomorrow, and by now I am over it...incredibly annoyed at myself, yes, but it's not the end of the world y'know? At least I have my non-Amazon-bought books sorted in Calibre.

I just wish there was still the Recovery mode that earlier versions had where you could get your data off via USB and some of the other options. I don't know why they would get rid of something like that.

I think that not having the password option turned on when experimenting with font hacks is an excellent idea, one I will remember in the future.

Thank you guys again!
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