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Uber Calibre script - ubuntu

Hi all

I am new to ebooks. I have got a 'mess' of ebook files on my hardrive, different formats, some compressed, some in a folder directory structure, some by author, some by title.

I was hoping someone might have a script that

1) Recursively extracts all tarred files [ find ./ -name '*.rar' -exec unrar e -o+ {} \; ]

2) Organises those files into a single flat directory [ find . -type f -exec mv '{}' . \; ]

3) Removes duplicates [ yes 1 | fdupes -rd . ]

4) Deletes .rar files (space saving) [ find -name "*.rar" -delete ]

5) Copies all epub files to a new folder called 'calibre' or similar

6) Coverts all the remaining .pdf .txt etc files to .epub and moves them to 'calibre' folder

7) Sorts resulting folder alphabetically

8) Goes and grabs the cover art from the internet

9) Makes me a cup of tea whilst it completes!

Not much to ask!

Any pointers or part-solutions welcomed..



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