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Originally Posted by Firepong View Post
So by what your saying, you want the text to wrap around the picture? If so, that is possible, but most readers for mobile platforms (iBooks for iPad, Aldiko for Android, etc) do not support the code needed to make text wrap around a image. This info is from 2-4 months ago when I tried a open source book that was posted on here and looked beautiful with all of its formatting and text wrapping, but 75% of the code in that book did not work in iBooks nor Aldiko. They might have added that code to the allowed list so that it can show up like what you want, but it takes some tweaking and is some pretty harsh code in certain conditions.

With you images being the sizes you say they are, you might have to go into the code itself and put in a tag ot shrink the image by say 50% or more if needed, then try text wrapping and see what you come up with.

Would say I could help you with it, but I have never worked with a book with images and wrapping needed, so I never taught myself the code..

If I'm completely off and that's not what your wanting, ignore this post

P.S. I'm also not even sure that the code can be converted from one format to another, say from ePub to mobi or ePub to any other format. Might work in one format, but come out looking like utter crap when converted to another >.<
You're on target. I tried wrapping text around some images that were smaller, but it looked even worse that what I have now. It also dawned on me exactly what you wrote about multiple platforms, so I just undid all the wrapping. All the images are aligned left or center, no wrapping. I will have to go back to Calibre to see what formats it can convert to ePub. My first try was with Word and it was a disaster. Not sure about OpenOffice Write. From the PDF file I just read it looks like it has to be HTML or maybe RTF, but again I'm not sure. Thanks for the help!
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