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Originally Posted by Starson17 View Post
Try this simple one for the ones to be added:
(?P<title>.+) - (?P<author>[^_]+)

It should work for both, but you need to turn on the swap author FN LN option for the second group. (I assume you want to keep the "a novel" in the title.)

For those that are already in, you'll need to provide more info about what field they are in.
Originally Posted by Starson17 View Post
You're welcome, but I got you only part of the way. You'll want to decide whether you want your authors all to appear as LN, FN or FN LN. Then you want to set your tweaks so that the author_sort is set correctly when you bring in new books. (In case you aren't familiar with it, author_sort controls how your authors are sorted) Look in Preferences for the new and improved Tweaks setting screen. You may need to use Search and Replace to fix any errors you have now, but once all that's set, you won't have to use it again.

Feel free to ask if more help is needed.

Good luck!
sorry starson17, spoke too soon. isn't that the same as the default setting?

(?P<title>.+) - (?P<author>[^_]+)
so, which one should i use to add

1) First name, and
2) Last name_first name?
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