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Originally Posted by Firepong View Post
Did you make the book on your computer or is it a actual book that your are scanning into your computer. IF it is a book you actually made on your computer, you might want to try Calibre (has its own sub-forum on this very forum) to convert it from your books file type to ePub and see if it will make the book like you want it.

But yes, Sigil can do what you want it to do, just that if its real bad on the code, you will have to go in and re-write that to make it look like you want it, which can be very tiresome if you do not know HTML/XHTML.

If you try Calibre and it still comes out looking like what you have, if you dont mind posting up a copy on the forums or if you don't want to post it, just write me up a private message and send it to me and I'll see what I can do in my free time to the book. Won't be any this week, but I'll have a few days off from work next week and see what i can do
Thanks for writing! The book was a gift for our granddaughter, and it was a big hit with our family and friends. Originally we did it with Blurb's software, uploaded it to their site, and ordered books there. You still can, here's a link to a preview: I saved a text file with the story, in case we ever wanted to do something else. That was before Kindle and Nook arrived. I started building the OpenOffice file with my text file and the pictures we had used for Blurb. The problem with the pictures is, they're free hand drawings my wife made. When we scanned them, the files were huge, some as large as 7 or 8 MB. I pasted them into containers on Blurb's program, then it resized them for me. I tried resizing/re-sampling, but they are not of uniform size, shape, or color density, so it's been a challenge. I'm guessing that the ePub converter is choking on the irregular picture sizes and dimensions and inserting blank space is how it deals with it. Maybe not.

As to HTML/XHTML, I have been working on learning how to code. I'm still a novice, but I'm really motivated to finish the book and get it out onto the market. Whatever I need to do to finish the job and make the best book possible is OK with me. /Jim
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