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Tagging with author name if empty

Sony 650-PRS

I gave up the Sony Reader Library. Or rather, IT gave up on me. When I get 17(!) error messages when I install a program, and then the program refuses to start after it's initial "welcome, this is going to be great", I give up. I am not adverse to tinkering with programs, but hey... I tinker with the ones that work, in order to make them work better. I stay away from the ones that doesn't work in the first place.

So, I ended with Calibre, and so far, I am happy with this. Some minor problems with connections (things stop etc), but at least the program works.

Now, I seem to be having a problem with organizing my "collection".

When I pick up my Agatha Christie, I want to read about Marple, Poirot or "somebody else". Marple and Poirot are in my "collection", and after some hard work on my part, they are in the correct order. The rest are in "crime". With other authors. AND with Marple and Poirot. Not unreasonable, as "tags" and "series" are both organized in "my collection" on my reader.

But I kind of want to find Marple in "Miss Marple" and not everywhere else.

So, I seem to be giving up "tags" for organizeing my reader (and use it instead to organize my collection in Calibre), and I wonder...

Is it any easy way to get authors name in the series-slot if the series-slot is empty?

Then I would get, in "my collection" on the reader, "Poirot", "Marple" and "Agatha Christie". And I could definitely live with that...
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