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Thanks Murali. I agree with you - pdf file size is more than double. I am a bit nervous now to try jailbreak or font hack, but will eventually do it.

Though I now have a working solution for tamil documents in htm or word formats, I still have no solution for pdf files - and many docs are in pdf format. If the word document is in font size 10 latha, reading in pdf is convenient in kindle 3.

Originally Posted by murali View Post
AFAIK there are no PDF editors that would reflow a document. The only reliable (sort-of) way is to convert the PDF to html (hopefully the text is in unicode, TSCII, TAM or TAB) and reflow the document using word.

My gripe with PDFs were : 1. They were a bit bulky as they embed fonts as bitmaps, and sometimes crash my kindle (Ponniyin Selvan books was several MBs in PDF). 2. They dont provide us the ability to resize the text when we want to.

I really hope that Amazon starts supporting Tamil unicode officially so that we dont have to deal with these conversions and hacks.
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