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Hello! First of all, thanks to dsmid for their hard work at making this hack a reality. Having the ability to download files onto the kindle is a terrific idea!

But... Here's my problem. I have installed the hack successfully, but when I click on a pdf or mp3 url on a web page, a message flashes for a moment that says "FD: downloading *.mp3" then the usual "Kindle can't load this" message pops up. About 2 minutes later, I get the following error at the bottom on the screen "FD: Error while downloading *.mp3", where * is the file name. I would post log info, but nothing was outputted to the log in freedownload/freedownload.log.

Also, I notice that when plugging in the USB cord to xfer data; The Browser will not load a webpage after unplugging the USB. However, the kindle store will connect and load just fine. The only way around this that seemed to work was to reboot the device.

Kindle v3.0.2(529960105)
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