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Edit MultiData Search and Replace to multiple fields

Is it possible to have multiple destination fields in a bulk edit search and replace?

I had some badly formatted files imported where it was added as:

(pub date) Series - Series # - Title - Author

And I wrote a series of search and replaces to deal with it one per output IE:

\((\d+)\)\s+.* in title
\1 in destination field #pubdate

then another one for
.* - (.*) in title
\1 in destination author field

I'd really just like to have one regex and use either the named regexes or \1 goes to this field, \2 goes to the next field, \3 goes to the 3rd, etc... Is that possible?

Or even for it to realize the named parameters and have:
(?P<series>.*) - (?P<series_index>[0-9ab]*)\s+(?P<title>[^_]) change the series and series_index tag and not just the title tag (Which is what it does now.)

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