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I put this on another thread on this forum. I hope someone will find it useful.

Newbie here. Just wanted to let people know that it is possible to run the full Google Market on the Kyros. I am NOT a computer expert, or techie by a loooong shot! But I found this to be a relatively simple hack, and described here:

I think I had to register first to see the post, but it is free. My Kyros is the MID7015, and this worked for me after removing the firmware update I had already installed. These directions would have worked perfectly if I followed them right out of the box without doing the update from Coby. Apparently there are already a couple firmware updates and it depends which one is on your Kyros when you buy it. If you get stuck, just reset the Kyros to the factory setting and try again.

My main eReader is the Sony Touch, and I bought the Sony Pocket Edition for my wife. We love them! I have read more since getting the eReader than I have since my eyes were young enough to read anything below the E on the eye chart. I love being able to enlarge the the text. There are times, though, that I like a lighted screen, and wireless access without dragging my laptop along. The Kyros is filling that bill quite nicely for the $149 price (On sale at my local K-Mart). Android was completely foreign to me two weeks ago, so I am on a learning curve. The whole Android smartphone thing is useless to me as anything small enough to be on a smartphone is useless for my eyes.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the Kyros. My expectations were not high in an iPad sense, but I wouldn't tolerate total trash, either. It's of course not an iPad, but it doesn't come close to an iPad price. The Coby Kyros has definitely exceeded my expectations, however, especially after the rooting and installation of the full Google Market. Not a bad mobile device for the money paid, and a little bit of effort. The included cover is even pretty nice. I fold the cover back and secure the tab in the loop backwards and it serves as a nice stand for desk, table or even lap in landscape mode. I hope this is useful to someone!
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