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Originally Posted by prk.yath View Post
I have tried installing the font hack in to my new Kindle 3 Wifi, as per the steps mentioned in the above post. After installing the Jailbreak hack, Kindle 3 restarts is fine. Once the font hack is installed and restarted , the device hungs. I couldnot get response for any keys. ie. not even Menu or Home keys.
After spending long time, I just reset the kindle to resolve the issues.
I have used below install files & am not sure what went wrong. Could some one help me on this?

Jailbreak Install:

Font update:

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What is your FW revision ? If you are on 3.1, then the hack doesnt work (yet).

You can also try the original font hacks forum for suggestion. But generally with a reset, you shouldnt see any problem. Usually the reset after an update takes a while, but shouldn't crash the system.
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