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Originally Posted by menhir73 View Post
I bought the v3 last year in September. My v3's screen is not Vizplex. However, other than that, I like it very much. I've loaded many books onto it and I bring it along wherever I go. I've downloaded books from in pdf format and they display beautifully. I've also bought books from Baen and Steve Jordan in rtf and converted them to pdf using my Mac. Again the books display nicely in pdf format. Although the software for the v3 cannot be used on the Mac, I'm not bothered by this as I normally load the books onto an SD card using an SD card reader and then insert the SD card into the v3 for reading. I just hope that Jinke can close the deal with Mobipocket so that books in mobi format can be read on the v3. That would be fantastic!
Hi Menhir, This might sound like a silly question, but how do you know it wasnt a vizplex? I was told only really old v3 would be the non vizplex models, however no one i've spoken to really say conclusively how to tell if their model really is vizplex or not, other than if their packaging box has a little yellow sticker saying 'vizplex'. Dont get me wrong i know vizplex is meant to be a better screen, but i havent come across a post where their owners were 100% sure they really had a vizplex screen!
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