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jhitesma began at the beginning.
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Sorry to hear you're getting frustrated. I had the same thing with lots of copies of "Don't blink" showing up after a few tries. They all went away once I de-registered and re-registered with the real server.

The DNS redirect method is a little confusing to setup if you don't know your router well or don't have one that will let you easily override things. You were very close. You basically had it rooted when you had the root app up and running.

I was just going to suggest making sure you have Wifi before trying to get adb to connect. I always forget to get it running and have to use wifi locker to force it on. I've found that starting adb with wifi off can cause issues sometimes. Things seem to work best for me when I remember to lock wifi on before starting adb - first time around you can't have wifi locker yet so making sure wifi is on first can be trickier. I wonder if that's why it suddenly worked well for me one time after quite a bit of frustration.

I know mine is rooted and it just took me about 5 minutes and a dozen tries to get adb connected. Sometimes it's just really fussy for me. I've had the same problem with adb over USB with several phones and with all of those devices on several different computers and virtual computers. So I have to assume adb is just like that sometimes, or really doesn't like me.
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