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Originally Posted by windycitygal View Post
So many of the threads I've found on message boards focus on how to perform the root with a Windows PC or with Linux. I moved over to a Mac last year from Windows and am still learning about this system; add on the challenge of trying to learn what seems to be a rather technical process and yet another new system (Android), and I was really struggling.
Thank you so very much for your efforts! I started the thread you were asking questions on (da2zoe). I've never rooted anything and just couldn't quite get up the nerve, even with all the other helpful responses. I watched huskermania's video several times but was concerned about AutoNooter 3.0 not being in his video and links.

I am a "veteran" Mac user - I've had a Mac since Mac's weren't cool - but I have never had need to use Terminal and it just plain scares me. Your post will be helpful to a lot of Mac users! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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