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hard13 began at the beginning.
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Originally Posted by JasonPaulClaire View Post
Hi Manichean. checkout the following

Thought I would let you know that epub with video works. Hard13 never followed up the post but I will let you know what I did to get it working, so here goes......

I just made a simple webpage, ran this through IE and FIREFOX to see if the video would show. Neither showed the video (well on my system anyways). Ran it through SAFARI and the video played. So I knew I had got the code right. I recommend using SAFARI for testing the code.

Then used CALIBRE to condense to an EPUB (produced and OCF) I uploaded the single OCF to my ipod touch and it worked fine (for some reason it would not play OGG file formats, guess it likes MP4 etc instead.

The following was my html file.

<html xmlns="">
video here
<video src="aa.m4v" NOTE will try MP4 next and post result

You can then jazz this up however you like. I hope this helps you and anyone else looking for video in epub.

Best wishes Jason
yes this is the code that i use, i'm sorry i haven't followed the threads..=)
for multiple pages the video can be add one, when you add another video it will not run.
but i've figured it out.. and i have tried it, and it's works. You can add videos in multiple pages, one problem that i have is, i can't still figure it out how to make the video vertically align middle..

(sorry for my english)
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