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Originally Posted by sarang View Post
I am a new member. I got my kindle in January end.

I have followed this procedure for reading tamil novels in kindle.

1. Download htm file, preferably in unicode.
2. Open the file in MS word.
3. Set the page size to 9 cm x 12 cm in page setup. The document will reformat to fit the page.
4. Adjust font size to make reading easy and strain free.
5. Quickly run through the document for uniformity and formatting problems.
6. Convert the file using cutepdf. This utility, a freeware, works with the print command and saves the file as a pdf document.
7. No zooming is necessary in kindle, as scaling for font size and readability is already done.
8. I could download and transfer parthiban kanavu volumes 1 and 2 from project madurai in just 5 minutes using this method.
9. This works fine for a free flowing text, but tables and pictures may not be converted correctly; needs checking.

Still, as most of the published tamil documents are in pdf in A4 size, a good pdf editor may also serve the purpose. Any suggestions?
AFAIK there are no PDF editors that would reflow a document. The only reliable (sort-of) way is to convert the PDF to html (hopefully the text is in unicode, TSCII, TAM or TAB) and reflow the document using word.

My gripe with PDFs were : 1. They were a bit bulky as they embed fonts as bitmaps, and sometimes crash my kindle (Ponniyin Selvan books was several MBs in PDF). 2. They dont provide us the ability to resize the text when we want to.

I really hope that Amazon starts supporting Tamil unicode officially so that we dont have to deal with these conversions and hacks.
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