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Originally Posted by hiaig View Post
How comfortable are you with your computer? I don't have another android device so I made use with an android emulator.

It is through the android emulator that I got my android ID. the IQ will not ask your for the android ID. You will have to put it into the IQ using adb.

I don't have the thread handy but there is one on gettting android market to work on the IQ on this forum.

I'm very comfortable as a Mac user and am often the person people come to for help with theirs. But my ability more or less starts and stops with the regular user interface. I have hacked Leopard onto my Asus netbook, using clear instructions on, but I don't use terminal without instructions. So I guess I'll take a look at the other thread and ask a terminal-savvy friend for phone support as I do it.

I thought repacking would give my market access, but I can see now that's not the case.

As for the android ID, I just wondered if I could find it somewhere on the android phone I have (Hero HTC) and skip the emulator part. But from what you write it sounds like that might not be possible.

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