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Ok... day 4 of trying to root this.

Yesterday was able to get it to display the 'Home' or 'Nook Root' options.

Now it is gone and nothing will get it back.

So this is how I have been trying to root it.

I am using the 'Non router' options, with Connectify for wireless and TreeWalk to redirect the DNS to

I connect to the wifi and force a update by 'Check for new content'. A download is attempted and failed (I also checked and 'Don't Blink' appears in B&N Library so I know it is connect to the right place)

But then thats it. Once the download failed I can't get to the 'Home' or 'Nook Root' options (I forgot how I did it last time). I press the Home/nook button, normal screen. I do a reset, nothing.

So I wanted to start from stretch, so I tried the 'Hold power button' for 12 sec for 6 times trick. But I only get to the 4th time when the System update screen appears. On the LCD screen it only says Checking for Updates, but then just boots up normally without doing anything.

There must be a step I am missing.... or have I semi bricked this (ie can't revert to stock/can't update)
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