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Originally Posted by Nakaleen View Post
I select 'Start Rooting' I get this...........

Adb state: started execution state: not found

So what now? I still can't connect via Adb.....
Ok, sounds good. You're 99% of the way there.

Exactly how are you trying to connect with adb? USB or wireless? I don't think this method supports USB tethering from what I can tell it has to be wireless. So make sure your network is back to normal and the nook is getting an IP address in your normal range (some of the 1.5 methods involve setting up a custom DHCP server and could end up putting your nook a different you may have to put things back to normal and reboot the nook to make sure it's on your normal network.)

Then make sure you're specifying the nook's IP with :5555 after it when starting adb on your computer. So the command line should be something like:
adb connect

(where is the IP on your nook.)

I've also noticed that I sometimes have to try and connect a couple of times before adb finally connects. Not sure why but I've never done adb over wireless until my nook and I'm not a big fan of wireless in general so I tend to just blame the connection
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