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further improvements -- Version 0.0.3d released for 90x, 60x

Changelog Version 0.0.3c (unreleased):

+ added sensitive corners:
double tap in the top left, bottom left or bottom right corner to select the Full Grayscale Mode, Foreground Mode or Black/White Mode directly.

Changelog Version 0.0.3d (this release):
(includes the changes of 0.0.3c)

+ the gray line is rendered with the page
Our friends on the russian forum have noticed that the gray line is rendered after the page has been drawn. They commented that it is likely that this will consume more power and they encouraged me to render the gray line with the page and draw all at once.

+ updated design of the render menu (in the zoom menu box)
There are now three symbols instead of one. Each symbol can change directly to the desired rendering mode

+ pointer handler in zoom menu
Again, the source code which I used as a basis for my program didn't handle pointer events in the zoom menu at all. This feature is now added. This means that the keys are not necessary to choose an option from the zoom/rendering menu. Although they will still work according to the mapping mentioned above.

+ when the pointer selects a manual zoom mode the window is not closed
The added feature above closes immediately the zoomer box once one option has been selected. This is good for all options apart from the manual zoom options (a manual zoom mode is the finetuned percentage selection or the n-column zoom mode.) If the pointer hits now one of those manual options the option is selected but not closed. This allows the user to change the option with the keys.
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