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hy @ all,
as discussed in this thread

i want to ask if it is possible to make a plugin for the (at the moment) most problematic thing's for me.
at the moment i want to clear my database from ugly covers (pixel blocks, blurred and so on).
right, the jpg is too small in size.

My approach is, I'm looking with an external program if some files are less than 40k. if so, take a look in calibre and grab a new cover by hand.
Or find covers calibre recognizes as being able to be trimmed
it would be much easier if the search for small cover files can be done in calibre. maybe it is set a flag to a new column or so.
plugin to search for invalid isbn numbers that are marked with a red backround.
i have no idea to do it. this is at the moment a hard work by hand.
search for entrys in:
title -> title_sort


author -> author_sort

which are not valid and shows the red backround (so they have different entrys)

if anyone can make this plug-in it would be great!
by myself i don't know about this programming things.

regards schuster
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