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Originally Posted by readerSeb View Post
I'm shure this question is asked a couple times but I'm searching for hours for the right answer Hope you guys can help me.

I'm currently living in the US, but going back to Europe after 6 month, and planning to buy an Amazon Kindle 3G.
Is it possible to use the US Kindle (with AT&T Sim) in Europe without getting charged fees for internet use?
What I've already read at the Amazon FAQ is, that if I buy a book with an US Kindle and they send it to me via Whispernet they'll charge fees (there is an account limit trick, but I haven't yet figured out how it works). But nothing else.

Thanks for helping me out!
I have 3G US version B006 and I live in Europe. Everything works without any problems and is free. It's no difference if you are in US if in Europe.
Everything including web browsing. Kindle AT&T sim card has enabled worldwide roaming and it works with local cellullar operators.

Here are links to amazon information about it:

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