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dubaaron began at the beginning.
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Thank you so much hawhill. This is awesome.

Upon first copying to the device, and then doing a dbus-send to refresh my home screen, it gave me the "the device is not registered as a Test Kindle to run this title ..." problem. But after a full restart, it let me into the app. (Maybe needed to refresh the keystore? Maybe a framework restart would have done this, but I haven't figured that out yet, though I know it's been documented in these forums).

However, now all I get is a blank screen (with titlebar displaying "KindleTerm") with a cursor and a "c" character at top left. I can move the cursor around, and type, but not much interactive seems to be going on.

I suspect maybe I don't have telnetd running?

I installed the usbNetwork hack and can ssh in, and I've also been using @lrizzo's fabulous "myts.arm" for a terminal as well ... I guess I assumed those would include telnetd. Maybe I'm wrong?

How do I start telnetd? Hmm doing a find on my kindle for telnetd comes up with no results ...

I applied the changes to the security policy file as noted in the original post (NB: need to "mntroot rw" first, and then "mntroot ro" when done), and now it seems to work.

Though for whatever reason it didn't draw the whole screen. I had to type in a few commands first and then magically the screen output appeared -- the "c" that I originally got is from the "Connecting ..." line at top.

So it seems telnetd must be running. Perhaps my find command syntax was off. I still do a "find . -name 'telnetd'" and nothing comes up. Hmm.

One thing that myts.arm does, which would be handy, is to have the keymap displayed heads-up on-screen while the terminal is invoked, to remember the keyboard shortcuts. Or at least optionally.

But hey, I'm not complaining.

This way I can get a terminal without first logging in remotely with ssh and starting the "myts.arm"

Muchas gracias, vielen dank.

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