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Originally Posted by ltr View Post
I thought the latest version of firmware for the Kobo-1 was 1.83 ?

Why not update to the latest version....

Seeing as I can't update the firmware on a Kobo that doesn't boot, I fail to see how this is useful?

There was a lot of time between 1.4 and 1.8. I upgraded to 1.4, noticed the crashing issue, monitored the forums for a while and since no fix came out I stopped checking. The kobo desktop application was terrible and crashed nearly every single time I tried to run it so I un-installed it a long time ago and just use Calibre to copy and convert my ebooks.

On the up side, after sitting for a night unplugged it appears to have run the battery down and my wife just notified me that it is now at least showing that it is charging. We'll see if it works after it has sat on the charger for a while longer.
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