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Originally Posted by paww View Post
Reflashed, factory settings, sync'd account - gtalk crashes

Repeated this 5 times now and gtalk still crashes sadly, having to give up on this by the looks of things.

Nice work, shame it doesn't for all.
I'm having this problem too. The Market tells me I've got a server error.

I'm using the repackage, and the IQ boots up with a much nicer and more responsive user interface, and a market icon. I've done a factory reset.

I have logged into my gmail - both via the GMail icon and via the browser - and it's clearly synced, but when GTalk just flashes on the screen for a second when I click on the icon, and then FC's immediately. I've even logged onto my gmail via the browser and hit "talk" from there, but that didn't help.

Is there any other way to activate GTalk?

At no point am I being asked for my Android ID. I assume I have one (I have an HTC Hero phone) but I don't know where to find it on the phone. I've looked in all the settings in the phone to no avail. Does anyone know where I'd find the ID on my phone, and where and at what point I should've inputted it on my IQ?

Some background that my not be necessary: I did what I've done so far by downloading the repackage to the SD card and holding in the Vol+ and power button. I haven't done modding via computer (I have a Mac). I'm not comfortable using the command line, though I've done it when I've had clear instructions.

I really appreciate all the work that's been done by people in this thread, and if anyone can give me ideas for how to get GTalk activated and the Market working I'd be really, really grateful!

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