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New reviews have come in including this:

"Resurrection Garden by Frank Scully is a fabulous adventure! I loved this book from start to finish!

I thought the time period and setting for this book were really unique. It is set in 1904 in North Dakota. Our main character, Jake Turner, is a scarred veteran of the charge up San Juan Hill who is now serving as a part time Deputy. He has never really stayed in one place for long but for the first time he has actually made some friends here. Then he stumbles onto a murder case that could end up being the death of him.

It's a great western, but it's a little bit later time period than many western historicals, which I really enjoyed. Out in this country it's still wild west, and they are close to the Canadian border. The descriptions are wonderful and the setting is so grand! And, in any book the characters are always extremely important to me. If I don't care about the characters, I'm not going to care about the story, no matter how great it is. Jake is a wonderul character. He's a tough Deputy, he's a hard working farmer, he's a wandering spirit, but he's got a fantastic heart and he has finally found a place he might consider making some roots, if he can survive the people who seem to want him dead.

(For my blog readers who only read Christian books, this is not a Christian fiction title, however, I will say that it only has a very small amount of mild language and it's got a wonderful theme!)

I VERY highly recommend this book. The writing is great, the story will hook you from the start and keeps you hooked until the very end. It's a great western adventure with great suspense, some fast paced action scenes, wonderful small town drama, and great romance. It's an all around entertaining book. I am so glad I had the opportunity to review this one. I truly enjoyed it, and Jake is a character that will stick with me!"

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