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Post PDF File Font in Kindle is showing about 6 PC Font Size

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Hi all Just another Newbi here, I hope I am in the right forum? I am only just getting familiar with my Kindle 3 and Calibre! As an experiment I sent a PDF file of about 20 Pages to Calibre then onto the Kindle (in Docs) I assumed that the Default Settings in Calibre which (no easy feat for a novice like me) is set to a very mild cream (255,255,235,) for the Page color and 16 Pixel' "Candara Font" for the Main "Page Text" would automatically Rub off onto the PDF file when it went through Calibre and then to Kindle Not so the Font is about a 6 in PC and the Page looks a drab Yellowy Green. So what I need to know is how can I change the PDF AND Other eBooks to my choice as Default Settings in Calibre OR should I have converted the PDF to Mobi first? Or maybe I should have sent the PDF to Calibre eReader First Could someone take me through this please in Pictures if you have them In summing up at this point in learning' I just want to be able to choose the size and type of Font to Default to all my Files and of coarse the Page color that will be readable in Kindle hope you can help Dasha

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