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Originally Posted by sirmaru View Post
I just linked my Kindle WiFi to my facebook account. If I highlight great passages, I can now share them with friends. Why not?
I hope I have not misrepresented my intentions. This thread was never intended to become a like/dislike debate on features. I just want people to communicate with Amazon about the Kindle. If the energy that goes into forums also went into communicating with manufacturers, imagine how much better some products might have been, or could be.

Also, my e-mail was an expression of my personal feelings, as an example. I can't think of any reason why you should not use the Facebook feature. It's an option on the Kindle and you are using it. My concern is with some potential features not being optional at all. I don't like the idea of having a decision arbitrarily made as to whether or not I prefer something. I prefer to prefer my own preferences. I like "On/Off" switches. Choice is good and once a feature has been programmed into the Kindle, it isn't astronomically difficult or expensive to put an entry in the settings menu that accesses the "On/Off" switch that has already been programmed in, and defaulted to "On".

I am urging Kindle owners not to only talk to each other. Please, talk to Amazon, too.

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