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Found Perfect and Cheap USB to Power Charger/Adapter solution for Kindle

Hey fellow Kindle users,

While in my local Staples, pilfering the clearance bin, I found an interesting cell phone /wire connector set which had an adapter cable that looked like it might just fit in my Kindle. After buying it for a rip-off price of 50 cents, it turned out to be a perfect fit, and it doubled as a USB -> mini-usb connector too.

Basically it is an: USB -> miniUSB + power adapter that fits into Kindle power adapter slot.

The reason why USB -> power adapter is better then charging from USB -> mini-USB is that you don't have to goto USB Drive Mode (which prevents you from reading), when connecting with mini-USB connector alone.

This means YOU CAN KEEP READING while charging your Kindle next to your laptop via USB port!

As a bonus, it seems this wire is both plentiful and cheap on eBay (or if you're too lazy you can find it in most office-supply/ electronics stores)

This is the specific product I bought for 50 cents (if you want to scrounge around your local Staples clearance bins)

But you can buy them on ebay if you search specifically for:

"palm zire usb cable". Tons to be had for $4-5 Dollars shipped. Make sure you get the Zire 72 or Tungsten type and not the wrong type of Palm cable.

Note: Though I already scored the belkin version of this cable, I managed to find on ebay a better retractable version for $4.50:

(Note: still waiting for this one to arrive, but it should fit, and I will update thread if it doesn't fit)

With a retractable version, that means I can charge my Kindle anywhere I want, bring a spare charge cable in my pocket to plug into USB, and transfer stuff onto Kindle if necessary

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