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Originally Posted by teofrast View Post
as always, great work.
but how would you implement this on 602/902?
(I admit it's an egoistic concern..)
In terms of evolving software development the release of 0.0.3c would mean that the functionality to change the displayed layer through the quick menu would be still there and can be enjoyed.

I may give this menu selection a good polish though. So for example, you don't have to toggle through all rendering modes but I might just simply add three buttons there. One for each rendering mode. So that way it would be still much faster than how it was for the owners of 902 and 602 and the owners of 903 and 603 would gain all this and the "corner selection" mode.

The only other way I could think of to speed up the access of the rendering mode would be to remap one button. However, this wouldn't be a strategically good move as one of the great features of pocketbook devices is that one can put on the buttons whatever one wants. So if I use the Volume Up, Volume Down buttons to toggle through the rendering modes I might upset some people who had put the dictionary on those buttons. Or even, if they left it as it was they wouldn't be able to change the volume. So really, I don't believe in remapping keys. It would upset more people than it would benefit.

However, as usual I'm open for comments and suggestions. Anyone has a great idea to quickly select the rendering mode on the non-touchscreen series?
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