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wvcherrybomb, I just got one of the covers online at Bed Bath and Beyond's website. I ordered it with my on sale Literati. Even though the eReaders were sold out, they still had some of the leather battery charging covers last time I looked.

However, a warning! Both the battery charging cover and the one that came with the Literati have an awful smell to them! I have been alternately dousing mine in Febreze and Calvin Clein Euphoria perfume to try to get rid of the smell. (My office, however, smells nice!)

If you search for Literati cover on Amazon, they also had the leather charging cover. There is also a zippered case by Crown that is supposed to fit the Literati. I just ordered one yesterday.

Originally Posted by wvcherrybomb View Post
May I ask where you found that cover? I have looked all over the internet for an alternative cover but no luck. And one with an extra battery would be great! So far I absolutely love my Literati and have worked out all the kinks, but it would be great to have longer battery life.

Mine does not charge via USB, only wall outlet. Since there is no indicator light to tell when it's fully charged, does anyone know how long it should take and if this type of battery can be damaged by over charging?
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