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Geb2200 + Impserve / Gateway timeout

Hi everybody

I recently found this website and so i dug out my Gemstar ebook.
On the backcover it is identified as GEB 2200.

After doing some research I downloaded impserve to add new ebooks to my reader.

Both my computer and the ebook reader are connected to my router. The ebook reader connects using DHCP and is successfully assigned an Ip adress. I start impserve with impserve.exe -a (ip of my pc) -p 9090 shelf.

When I try to connect to the online bookshelf from my ebook reader I get: There was no response from the server...

In the status window of impserve I get: - - [12/Feb/2011 22:33:04] code 504, message Gateway Timeout - - [12/Feb/2011 22:33:04] "GET HTTP/1.0" 504 -

I can see in the status windows of my firewall that the pc is connecting to the ebook reader and that there is some communication.

If anybody would have any hint or suggestion as to what I am doing wrong it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance.
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