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Seeking to connect with experienced Calibre conversion techies


I know the traditions of printed book pages inside out. Along with being a professional book designer, I have spent my life as a publisher with special focus on book production--design, typesetting, printing and binding.

My present study involves creating ebooks that look and flow in a manner that mimics the expectation that a reader of an ebook has learned from having absorbed the tradition of hundreds of years of book design development.

There are reasons that flow from usefulness and legibility about how the "rules" of book design have grown over the centuries!

A difficulty in ebook preparation seems to be in making today's state of ebook technology mesh with the hundreds of years of tradition one expects to find incorporated into the viewing of an ebook page.

I am seeking to establish developmental dialog with individuals who know Word and Calibre inside out, the purpose being to bring to the table what I know about what a book page is supposed to look like while we work together to manipulate the data to make it do that.

Thank you.

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