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Lack of ePub support a big problem?


Seeing as that I'm having enormous trouble finding where to buy a Sony Reader from, I'm starting to consider Kindle as an alternative. I'm even willing to overlook the absolutely (in my opinion) unnecessary and useless keyboard. What I can't come to grips with, however, is the lack of ePub support. I've been reading ebooks for close to 10 years now, and during that time have a amassed a rather extensive collection of ebooks in ePub format.

Yes, I know that calibre can convert ePub to other formats. What remains to be seen, however, is the quality of such conversions. I like to read my ebooks in style, with table of contents, illustrations (where applicable), paragraphs, hyphenation, footnotes, etc. In my previous experience with some calibre-converted books, it fails miserably on most of those fronts.

I'm sure it's possible to set it up right and then spend god knows how much time manually editing the book files, but then I may as well pay $150 extra and get PRS-650 instead?
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