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...well I don't know....

Well as one long time windows user I can tell you it's not very appealing. I feels like someone taking a leak on my back and telling me it's raining. Since they are already providing an under powered unit they really should have made it a complete unit. My days of getting a low end unit not ready to run out of the box have been gone for about 7 years.

There were actually a couple of good points in the article. I hadn't even thought about the fact that if you were buying the mini mac (at least in part) for it's cuteness the last thing you'd probably do is attach it to an old beige keyboard, mouse and monitor. And who would have thought Dell's margins were higher? Although as I look around our office and at my own system and pda I can see why. They sell. And they work.

I did actually see someone come up with a realistic argument for a pc user to purchase this. As a test bed for a web developer. Relatively inexpensive and accurate for multiplatform testing. And I could even see them pluggin it into their beige monitor, mouse and keyboard.
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