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Experimental Repacks?

@Coredump, you are a star!

I got everything working, a2sd, market etc. with your experimental

What I wasn't sure of is whether the custom JIT and the accelerated GL drivers were in one of the experimental builds together, or whether they were separated between the 2 builds. Your links looked like:

Experimental Firmware 20110118.1: Add custom JIT (Icewyng) (requires factory reset)
Experimental Firmware 20110118: Adds GL driver acceleration from slatedroid (IEHBR)

I clicked on the first one because it looked like the latest version, so I thought it might include the latest GL drivers as well. The strange thing is that the file name when I click on the second link seems from the number to be the latest version:

Maybe you can clear this up for me.

By the way, I now get 259 on the Quadrant benchmark for my IQ, which is apparently a good score compared to the stock IQ.

One more question while I am here. When the 2.2 firmware for the IQ comes out, what has to be done again in terms of rooting, a2sd and and Android Market?

First of all I am assuming that I can update directly from your experimental build to the new firmware without losing any apps or data. Then the IQ will need to be rooted once more and then the usual palava with getting the market working again. Or I guess we can just wait for you to perform your magic with a new repack

Thanks again
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